Tarang Tea Whitenar 250ml (4656697901141)

Tarang Tea Whitenar 225ml

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Pakistan’s No. 1 tea-whitening brand, Tarang is a specialized tea whitener that makes the perfect cup of tea guaranteed to transport tea-lovers into a state of sheer bliss any time of the day.

The only tea-creamer that combines convenience with lasting quality and real value for money, Tarang is available in a liquid format in 6 different SKUs appealing to a mass audience nationally.

Tarang is not only the market leader in both the STC and UHT Dairy categories but is also Tetra Pak’s 6th biggest global brand. This excellent performance has come about as a result of not only the astute identification of a market need, but one that was manoeuvred with perfect timing so as to provide consumers with exactly what they were asking for. Compounding this effect was a brand position that hit right at the heart of the target market, reeling them with the idea of being “Chai Ka Sahi Jor”, and revitalizing the drinking customer by taking them to a state of ‘bliss-tea-tude’.

With its distinctly fresh aroma, rich taste and strong focus on enhancing the tea-drinking experience for everyone, Tarang has evolved into our biggest and most profitable brand since its launch in 2007, after securing a firm place in the hearts of millions of tea-enthusiasts all across Pakistan

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