Soya Supreme Cooking Oil Tail Pouch 1 Litre X 5 Pouches (4611898835029)

Soya Supreme Cooking Oil Tail Pouch 1 Litre X 5 Pouches

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Soya Supreme is with you every step of the way…

from a hearty breakfast to a wholesome lunch, a festive tea or snack to a healthy dinner!

Every morning is anew beginning...

You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day! That’s why smart housewives ensure that the day starts right with a wholesome breakfast made with Soya Supreme. Our Cooking Oil and Banaspati are 100% Cholesterol free, enriched with Vitamins and UHT treated to ensure ultimate purity. So whether you are frying crispy delicious eggs or making parathas, you know good health is on the menu!

Afternoon is thetime to savor!

It’s an opportunity to show love and care and to ensure the health and happiness of all your loved ones.. That’s why Soya Supreme Cooking Oil is your favorite. An innovative blend of Soya bean and Canola Oil, it is UHT treated to create an attractive pure, light golden color that is as beautiful as it’s healthy. So from a nutritious snack for school or a hearty brunch, you can be sure that your family is enjoying the best in taste and quality.

Lunch is a chanceto share!

How do we show someone we care? By looking after them and helping them through their day. That’s why Soya Supreme is always ready to innovate. To make your life easier, more convenient and fun! With our Press & Pour technology you can be sure that every drop of oil is utilized to perfection. So you can avoid waste, whilst ensuring the best in taste. Now that’s a win for everyone!


Teatime is a treat!

With an award winning product it’s easy to rest on the laurels, but our passion for perfection inspires us to keep innovating. That’s why we decided to package Soya Supreme Cooking Oil in a creative and convenient Press & Pour pouch. Now you can use exactly as much of the pure, wholesome Soya Supreme Cooking Oil enriched with Vitamins A, D & E, as you need to cook and bake, and not a drop more.. Create endless teatime feasts for your family and friends because you love to celebrate good health.

Dinner is acelebration!

When you want to gather family and make new friends, you know good food is the way to do it! That’s why Soya Supreme Banaspati is your trusted ally. Famed for its appetizing aroma, granular texture and great taste, Soya Supreme Banaspati is perfect for every kitchen. An expert blend of pure vegetable oils such as Palm Bean, Soya Bean and Canola, it is natural and 100% cholesterol free. Enriched with Vitamins A & D, it is the first banaspati in Pakistan that is UHT treated at 255° centigrade for the ultimate purity, giving your loved ones even more reasons to celebrate.

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