Dipitt Smokey Bbq Sauce 300gms (4711578796117)

Dipitt Smokey Bbq Sauce 300gms

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A wonderful combination: super soft vanilla flavored marshmallow with strawberry filling, slightly sour! Inexplicable! Play! Packaging with 220g!


Marshmallow is an aerated product, basically produced by a mixture of gelatin, sugar and glucose. It is one of the most popular and traditional candies in the United States, being consumed by children and adults!
It can be consumed either pure, toasted or roasted, accompanying hot drinks and fondues. And so it is gaining more fans every day!
The use in party table decorations is another great attribute of the product, leaving any decoration unique and special!
MaxMallows Docile make everyone happy, they are extremely soft and super delicious, with a delicate and surprising flavor, soft colors and formats ranging from traditional to fun.
Let MaxMallows delight you!

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