Searle Prep-Up Baby Cereal Rice Milk 175gm (4636165374037)

Searle Prep-Up Baby Cereal Rice Milk 175gm

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  • Considering how Prep-Up Baby Cereal Rice Milk is easy to digest, it's the ideal solid food for your child to start off with
  • The presence of DHA results in better development of your child's brain
  • The gut health and immunity of your child are enhanced by the presence of prebiotics
  • The formula contains adequate amounts of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals and other nutritional elements, which are essential for the development of your baby's development and growth
  • You won't have to fret about harmful preservatives and artificial food colors


It's true that formula milk supports the early growth of an infant, but the fact remains that your baby cannot rely on it forever. As your child grows, so must their diet. This is the reason why you should consider making Prep-Up Baby Cereal Rice Milk 175gm your child's first solid food. There are numerous reasons for doing so, as you can see for yourself:


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