Reem Stream Black 5kg (4736331612245)

Reem Stream Black 5kg

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Reem Ka Steam 3x Extra Long Steamed Basmati Rice



Through state-of-the-art Steaming technology, we have transformed rice into Reem Ka Steam rice, ensuring that each cooked grain is separate, flavorful, tasteful, aromatic and consistent in quality.


There are many reasons to switch to Reem Ka Steam (RKS)


  • There is no mixing in RKS, what you get is pure variety
  • Quality is our reason for growth and export quality rice has been packed in RKS
  • The grain grows to 3 times in size when cooked and does not join or form knots
  • Taste and Aroma are simply divine.
  • RKS provides fast and instant energy
  • RKS stabilizes blood sugar
  • RKS is an essential source of Vitamin B1
  • RKS aids in digestion
  • RKS has no harmful fats, sodium or cholesterol
  • RKS is Gluten-free and non-allergenic
  • RKS is free from any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

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