Perfect Entire Room Air Freshener, 300ml (4806299123797)

Perfect Entire Room Air Freshener, 300ml

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  • Febreze Air Freshener Spray 300ml eliminates odours and infuses your space with a light fresh scent. Its lavender fragrance will make you feel like you're on the perfect holiday, enjoying the tranquillity and calming essence of this scent. This air freshener aerosol is like a breath of fresh air sweeping away stale and stifling odours and leaving a light fresh scent, making your home feel fresh and renewed every day. The spray is different from many other air fresheners as it contains a nitrogen propellant (nitrogen is 80 percent of the air we breathe) and odours are eliminated thanks to a unique technology that captures smelly molecules and neutralises them rather than just masking them.
  • Febreze with Odourclear technology cleans away odours and leaves a light fresh scent
  • With Lavender fragrance, experience the beautiful countryside of the French Provence, where fresh lavender notes and subtle hints of fresh cut herbs enchant you while the sun rises on the horizon
  • Doesn't mask but truly cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent
  • Amazing light fresh fragrances
  • Non-flammable, 100% natural propellant

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