Pack of 2 Oil Bottle Glass with Steel Cover (0040) (4694413049941)

Pack of 2 Oil Bottle Glass with Steel Cover (0040)

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  • Stainless Steel - there is stainless steel shell on the olive oil despenser,Anti fall and abrasion.Surface drawing process, delicate texture, non stick oil, easy to clean and wear resistance.
  • Lead free glass - The selection of Lead free impurity of raw glass, delicate transparent, health and environmental protection.Bump shading, anti slip.
  • Food garde material - the seal ring of oil bottle is made of raw silica, tasteless, soft and delicate, not easy to aging, better fit sealing.
  • Refining kettle mouth - there is small spout on the oil dispenser,oil column is more concentrated, prevent the leakage of oil. Air control design, A press that stop, precision control, health and quantitative.
  • No drip pouring - Oil and vinegar dispenser features dripless pour spout to mix liquid ingredients without making a mess

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