Mortein PowerGard Mosquito Coil (4611914760277)

Mortein PowerGard Mosquito Coil

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10 Coils Pack

Mortein Mosquito Coils repel mozzies for up to 8 hours and is effective against hidden mosquitoes. Even the toughest mozzies will be knocked out providing protecion from the first to the last minute of use.

Designed to be hung or used on a flat surface, the smouldering coil causes mosquitoes to make a quick exit.

-Repels for up to 8 hours
-Repels mosquitoes which spread malaria
-Effective against hidden mosquitoes
-Knocks out the toughest mosquitoes
-Protection from the first to the last minute
-Resisitant to breakage

Where to Use:
-Mosquito coils can be used indoors and are ideal for outdoor use when braaing, entertaining, camping, around ptios and other outdoor areas.

How to Use:
1. Lift off the burner cover and remove the coils.
2. Pull up the metal stand used for hanging. Then, starting from the centre, gently separate the coils and place one on the stand.
3. Light the outer end of the coil until you see smoke wafting up (there shouldn’t be any flames) and replace the burner cover.
4. Hang or place outside wherever you want a mozzie-free area.

Keep out of reach of children

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