Mitchell's Lemon Squash 800ml (4651663392853)

Mitchell's Lemon Squash 800ml

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Mitchell's Lemon Squashes, 800ml
Get refreshed withMitchell's Lemon Squashes  just the right thirst quenchers for you and your family. Processed from fresh and sun ripened fruits especially grown on our orchards in Renala, We offer you a range of energising natural fruit flavours that promise to liven up your day. Mitchell's Lemon Squashes is made from real 100% lemons a zesty drink and a natural source of vitamins that will quench your thirst and leave you feeling energised. Mitchell's Lemon Squashes a delicious drink bursting with lemon goodness packes with vitamins. Mitchell's Lemon Squashes a great quality product worth of your money.

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