Menu Frozen Chicken Samosa 24 Pieces (4615929233493)

Menu Frozen Chicken Samosa 24 Pieces

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Chicken Samosa


Wheat flour, prime chicken meat, onion, garlic, salt, cumin seeds, ethnic spices, fresh coriander, green chilies, and vegetable oil.

Cooking Instructions

Deep fry chicken samosas over medium heat for 2-4 minutes or until golden brown in preheated oil.

About Us

Seasons Foods Pvt. Ltd. is Pakistan’s leading meat processor in every facet of operation; through maintaining the highest quality and safety of fresh and frozen products in partnership with our customers.

Our processing plant is situated in 11.5 acres with a covered area of 140,000 sq. feet. We have used the best equipment available in the poultry processing industry namely Meyn, Stork, CFS and Grasso. We have a production capacity of slaughtering 6000 birds/hour in accordance to Islamic Law. To keep up with the production line we have installed a 1200 tons capacity cold storage which includes Blast Freezers, Storage Freezers, and Chilled storage for fresh products. Our modern state of the art processing plant with strict hygiene and quality assurance guarantees that our products have superior taste, tantalizing appearance and it retains the natural flavor and nutritional value. Our versatile clear packaging ensures product safety and is easily reusable. Its production facilities adhere to the technical and religious rules and conditions in accordance with the Islamic Laws.

We have a fleet of company owned refrigerated vehicles delivering our products to our distributors and retailers across Pakistan. Each vehicle is installed with a temperature logger which monitors the temperature every half an hour. This information is downloaded in our Quality System to audit each shipment.

We’re passionate about food and therefore at Seasons Foods, we believe you deserve fresh, whole some and great tasting products.

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