Little Alive German Shepherd Dog (4693238677589)

Little Alive German Shepherd Dog

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Product Description:

Pet German Shepherd was designed to provide interactive companionship and engagement like that of a real dog. This lovable, animatronic friend responds to both sound and touch just like a real puppy. The Joy For All Companion Pup features a realistic, soft coat,and authentic sounds. the Golden Pup can turn its head and respond to sound just like a real dog.
Give the gift of love to family member for all ages  with Joy For All Companion Pets. At Joy For All, we believe the power of play can bring joy and fun to people at all stages of life.


  • Built-in sensors allow dog to respond to touch and sounds
  • Soft, lifelike coat and authentic puppy sounds
  • Pets provide fun, joy and comfort to aging loved ones and their families

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