YC Facial Wash Cucumber Mild 50ml (4651597660245)

YC Facial Wash Cucumber Mild 50ml

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  • Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser deep cleans, gently lifting dirt and impurities from your sensitive skin – leaving your complexion soothed, calm and clean. Be clean, be green and be that coolcucumber that you know you are, naturally.
    Face washes and ingestion aren't the only way to benefit from cucumbers.
  • The age-old trick of placing cooled cucumber slices over your eyes hydrates the skin and contracts blood vessels to reduce swelling and puffiness. You can also toss a whole sliced cucumber into your bath to soothe the skin or puree and chill fresh cucumber to use as a tightening toner. Mixed with ingredients such as avocados, egg whites, milk and essential oils, pureed cucumber also lends itself to gentle, skin-soothing face masks.

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