Doctor Fast Toothpaste120g (4712018935893)

Doctor Fast Toothpaste120g

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Doctor Fast Toothpaste120g

Immediate Releif toothpaste for painful sensitive teeth. Protect and strengthen painful sensitive teeth.

Doctor fast toothpaste containing 8% strontium works fast to create solid like a seal over the surface of the dentine and within the microtubules. this helps prevent stimulus from reaching the nerve. Doctor fast contains 1040ppm of sodium mono fluorophosphate. which helps to make the tooth structure more resistant to decay

How to Use

Patient May Brush teeth Twice with approximately one inch of paste. For Fast Relief squeeze the paste on fingertip gently rub on the base of the sensitive tooth for approximately 1 minute before brushing. For best results brush your teeth twice for 2 minutes before rinsing

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