American Garden Italian Dressing 267ml (4627551289429)

American Garden Italian Dressing 267ml

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American Garden French Dressing, 473ml
Today's salad lovers enjoy a rich variety of delicious Wish-Bone dressings, marinades and mixes. But the Wish-Bone story started with just a single Italian recipe some 60 years ago. In 1945, returning World War II veteran Phillip Sollomi opened a family style chicken restaurant in Kansas City, Missouri and the Wish-Bone was open for business. The restaurant was an immediate success, but it was in 1948 that the Wish-Bone found it's true calling. That year Phil debuted his mother's then little known salad dressing from a recipe brought from her native Sicily. Customers fell in love right there and as demand grew, Phil began mixing the dressing in a 50 gallon drum, bottling it up as fast as they could pour it. But not before his mother would slap on it's unmistakable label: "The Kansas City Wish-Bone Famous Italian Style Dressing". With Wish-Bone Sweet & Spicy French Dressing, the name pretty much says it all. This flavorful red French dressing is filled with the perfect blend of sweet ripe tomatoes and spicy herbs to add a tasty zing to your next salad.

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